Inaugural Post!

Welcome to my blog!

Awkwardly posed yet totally genuine excitement.

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll probably say that my own blog has been a long time coming. I’m an avid reader of many different blogs, mostly with a focus on healthy living. I’ve lived in Charlottesville for almost six weeks now, and getting my own little piece of internet real estate has never felt so right. I need an outlet for writing (check!), a space to hold myself accountable when it comes to eating right and exercising (check!), and a way to document what I’m sure is going to be one of the best times of my life (check! check! check!).

By way of my first general lifestyle post, I’ll start by saying that today is exciting for two reasons. First, it’s Friday. I absolutely live for Fridays, but while I wish I could stay up really late watching True Blood (my TV show of the moment) or drinking with my friends, I’ve got to get to bed early because every Saturday at 7am I meet with my training group for the Charlottesville Women’s 4 Miler in September. So after this post, it’s dinner time, then a few more chores (and let’s be real, an episode of True Blood), and early to bed.

But today is also exciting because my Jillian Michaels Body Revolution package (4 easy payments of $29.99!) arrived in the mail today! I’m usually not a sucker for these types of programs, but Jillian is my right hand (wo)man when it comes to fitness advice. I listen to her podcast, I watch Biggest Loser on Netflix, and I stare at her abs in awe. I’ve also read a zillion reviews of Body Revolution, and I literally have not read one bad thing about it. The only thing I’m initially hesitant about is that her meal plan has you eating 1,200 calories, and considering I’m trying to keep my calorie consumption around 1,530 these days and I’m still getting hungry at night and in the afternoons at work, methinks 1,200 ain’t gonna cut it. Not to mention that doesn’t feel like the MOST healthy amount to eat.

I’m probably going to start tomorrow, but it’s so apropos that I’m starting my blog at the same time I’m starting this crazy workout project. Expect ALL the updates.

This bitch is cray.

I should say: Pardon the sloppy looking PhotoBooth pictures. Tomorrow (after training and after coffee with an old friend from camp) my decrepit old camera and I are making a trip down to the repair shop (where ever that is). It’s been broken for a year now, and I haven’t had an excuse to fix it until now. Bear with these first few posts! There’s better photos to come.

In the mean time, definitely visit my About page to learn a little more about me.

Have a good night!

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