If Only It Were Saturday, Saturday

(You might know that I am referencing the classic Rocket Summer song “Saturday,” wherein the lead singer talks about how his life sucks but it WOULD ALL BE OKAY IF ONLY IT WERE SATURDAY. You might not know that, and if that’s you… shame.)

I love the weekend. Last summer my Saturdays consisted of sleeping in, avoiding the shower, watching Millionaire Matchmaker marathons, and laying by Alex’s pool. Things are different now that I’m a grownup and the only time I have enough energy to get things done is on the weekend. Luckily though, today has been beyond glorious.

I was greeted by the teeniest bit of sunlight and a powerless house this morning. Charlottesville got the BIGGEST wind storm last night. It knocked out power for almost all of the town, including the building where Alex works, so he didn’t have to go in today! There wasn’t even any rain or anything, which Alex and I both agreed was the second strangest thing we’d heard this weekend. (The first is that Tom Cruise’s wives all left him at the age of 33… doesn’t that creep you out just a little?)

I met Casey at The Park for a 3 mile run with my training group for the Charlottesville Women’s 4 Miler. Casey is an ex-track star who’s run a marathon and is, like, rull fast. I kept up with her for the first mile or so and had to drop back. After 2 miles I got a NASTY charley horse in my left calf. I think my mistake was that I started out too fast for my pace. I’m also still learning to train on the roads. A year ago I wasn’t even a runner. I remember being so excited that I could haul my ass a half mile on the treadmill. I wasn’t even close to thinking about street running. Now I want to transition from just running for fitness to being a capital-R Runner, so I’m takin’ it to da streetz.

After my run I had a glorious coffee date with my old friend Sarah. We talked all things blogs and food (hopefully she’ll help teach me some of her amazing foodie/money saving/blog writing tricks!) and I munched on the best bowl of fresh fruit ever.

You might be noticing that up until now there have been no pictures on this post… That’s because I left coffee with Sarah to go straight to Best Buy to get myself a new camera!!!

Promise this is my last PhotoBooth shot. It’s just hard to take a picture of your camera, amirite?

When I got home I practiced my new photography skills on Millie.


Much to her dismay, Alex and I left her in the kennel while we went on a little Saturday afternoon date to Red Robin and to see Magic Mike.

We were on the look out for a fern bar to get some grub, and I remembered that I had seen a Red Robin while I was out exploring recently. I love Red Robin because it reminds me of Short Pump (home!) and the food ain’t too shabby.

I also had one of Alex’s steak fries. Nom.

I got a veggie burger with a side of broccoli. I’m a newfound broccoli addict thanks to my friend Conor, and I needed something healthy. The thing about unscheduled Saturdays is that it’s easy to make not so good choices. Last night Alex made some of his famous West Virginian pepperoni rolls (veggie ones for me!).

These babies were in the oven when the power went out and still turned out perfectly. Just put an apron on Alex and call him Paula Deen.

I may or my not have eaten too many.

We wandered around the mall for a little bit before seeing the movie.

Alex’s Phineas and Ferb hat from Spencer’s. Random child to his mother: “Mo0o0o0o0oommmmm! He has a Perry the Platypus flat bill! I want one!”
He wasn’t even embarrassed.

(Sidenote- malls are so lame these days. Remember when going to the mall was the best part of being a preteen?)

Magic Mike was awesome. Hot bods and a good story line. And SOO cheap. Matinee movies FTW.

Tonight’s lookin’ like a PB&J, some True Blood, and an early bed time. The wind’s blowing again, so I’m praying we can keep our power on at least until I finish season 1!

Before I go… someone posted this fun game on Tumblr. Go to akinator.com (you know, the amazing celebrity-guessing genie), and answer all of the questions he asks you as if he were asking about you EXCEPT answer “Yes” to “Are they on a TV show?” and “No” to “Are they real?” Whoever the thing guesses is supposed to be who your TV alter ego is.

I got Rachael Ray, which is fitting I think. 🙂

Actually this isn’t the first one I got. The first one I got was a character from The L Word, but because I don’t watch The L Word (and Alex was giving me a suggestive look) I took the quiz again. I’M RACHAEL, DAMMIT.

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