Clean Puppy & Stocked Fridge

Somehow I managed to get in a bath for Millie today.


She’s so cute when she gets out of the tub and needs to rub herself all over everything to get dry. I swear this is the most energy we ever get out of this dog.

You can’t even see her when she’s wigglin’ around like this.

I was also doing my regular Sunday thing, which is preparing to grocery shop for the week. Alex and I have a goal to never spend more than $50 a piece on groceries per week, and we usually spend right around that or a little more. But this week we were trying to get around $40.

I’m big on meal planing. Knowing what I’m gonna cook for the week keeps me eating healthfully and keeps me from spending money on groceries that I don’t need.

The menu on the wall like a cute little cafe.

I’ve also started making spreadsheets where I can keep track of what I buy and then look for coupons for those items.

Item, space for notes, where the coupon is saved.

We shop at Kroger regularly, so before we go I hop on the Kroger website and load coupons onto my valued customer card. We get the discounts when we check out and swipe our card. Also, because Alex is still a UVA student, we get the most AMAHZING student discount. I’m talkin’ like 10 bucks every trip. Lemme tell ya, there’s nothing better than seeing your grocery bill go from $110 to $88. I get you, crazy ladies from Extreme Couponers (but not you, crazy ladies from Extreme Cheapskates).

All this loot (and more!) for $88. Srsly.

Other awesome things about today? SUZANNE CAME TO VISIT! Suze is one of my best friends from college and she and I have been catching up, getting Arch’s froyo, playing with my blog, and listening to Beach House. We keep waxing nostalgic about laying in bed and stalking people from high school that got married right after college. Miss this biddy.

Sight for sore eyes.

Back to the grind tomorrow… but not until round one of Body Rev. Bring it Jillian.

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