My Kinda Monday

The great thing about having a healthy living blog when I’m trying to live more healthfully is that if I say I’m gonna do something, then I damn well better do it.

So at 6am, I was up and at ’em to say bon voyage to Suze and attack the first Body Rev work out.

Enthusiasm is difficult when you’re awake this early.

I set out all my stuff and got to workin’.

I ended up not using the mat because my tennis shoes were sticking to it/Jillian keeps you on your feet the whole time.

I LOVED the first work out. Challenging without being impossible, and only 30 minutes. The program has a strong focus on strength training with a couple high intensity intervals (think super-quick military marches every couple of sets) for maximum calorie burn. I definitely worked up a sweat.

Workout hair is soOoOoO cute.

I know a lot of people don’t love Jillian Michaels’ training style or think she’s too peppy, but I’m obsessed with her. I think she’s super fierce and I love that the whole time during the workout she’s saying stuff like “This isn’t just to look hot! This is to feel hot!” and “You are worth this 30 minute work out! You deserve this!” Normally when trainers say that during workout videos, it’s kind of hard to take seriously, but Jillian actually says in the beginning, “I know this sounds silly, but frankly I don’t really care.” It’s like she gave me permission to get into the workout and say to myself Yeah! I do deserve this! I do want to feel hot!

I will say that I think I need to get some different hand weights cause the only ones I have are 10 pounds and even Jillian is using 8 pounds during the workout. No wonder my triceps are killing me.

As far as the eating plan goes, I’m planning on sticking to her general eating concepts, but not adhering strictly to the recipes. Jillian wants focus on 250 calorie breakfasts, 400 calorie lunches, 150 calorie snacks, and 400 calorie dinners. I’m doing generally that, plus a few extra calories here and there.

It had been forever since I had chia seeds… forgot how they make your food “stick” so much longer!

It was starvation-rhythm-nation over at my work desk this morning. I was watching the clock waiting for lunch, and snacked on carrots to try to get my stomach to stop rumbling. Hopefully that morning hunger will go away after a couple days? I’m usually used to ~400 calorie breakfasts so I think this is just a matter of getting used to it.

Tonight? Book club with Lauren and Anne! Not even close to being done with Miss P’s Home, but they assure me that I won’t be kicked out of the club. Lauren’s bringing some surprise summer-themed dessert… can’t wait!

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  1. Sara says:

    nice JMU alumni shirt 😉 love the blog!!

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