Last night my book club (nerdily titled “Much Too Good For Children” a la The Trunchbull) got together for our first meeting to discuss Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children.

Alex (who’s def not in our book club), Lauren, and Anne

I made two salads for dinner: a greek-ish pasta salad, and a spinach salad with strawberries and goat cheese.

And Lauren made the most AMAZING dessert. It was peaches cut in half, sprinkled with walnuts and brie and drizzled with honey, and then baked. They were so good, and I didn’t even feel guilty about eating two of them. Totally Body Rev friendly.

So good I can’t even.

The book talk was great. I was a bad host/book club member because I didn’t finish (or really get too far into) the book. I felt particularly bad since it was our first meeting. The book just didn’t hook me, but I still felt like I got a lot out of the discussion with the girls.

Look at that creepy cover. I hear the whole book was like that…

Since I graduated I’ve really felt like I need an intellectual outlet where my friends have a specific forum to discuss books and relevant topics brought up by the books. I guess it’s the English major in me, but I am so stimulated by good book talks. I think it’s really important for people at my stage of life, a busy and uncertain time, to recognize what makes them feel most themselves, and prioritize that activity. Miss P’s Home had us discussing World War II, accessibility of young adult literature, and experimental writing styles. Good stuff.

Lauren is one of the best friends I’ve ever had because we learn so much from one another. Anne had to leave early, but Lauren, Alex, and I stayed up and talked about our favorite YouTube channels (Sex+, MyDrunkKitchen), Radiolab stories, relationships, education, and a myriad of other things.

Intense Alex is Intense.

Intense Lauren is Intense

Intense Katie is Intense.

Between Suzanne Sunday night and Lauren last night, I feel so lucky and really centered. I feel most myself around Alex and in Charlottesville, but sometimes it’s nice to get a good dose of girl time. It’s especially nice to get a little time in with people that were technically part of a “past” life when you’re in a really new and scary environment. It’s almost soothing.

I’m sure Lauren was saying something fabulously clever and amazing, as usual.

Plus, it’s always great when your dog loves your friends as much as you do.

Lauren was gushing about how Millie was her soul mate in this picture. She literally quoted Jane Austen to my dog.

One more day ’til the holiday!!!!

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3 Responses to Clubbin’

  1. “Whatever souls are made of, his & mine are the same.”
    -Emily Bronte.

    I feel that way about your dog and it isn’t weird at all.

  2. travisboatright says:

    ive been craving a spinach salad with strawberries

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