A Little Update On Body Revolution

Remember when I said that having a blog would help hold me accountable for getting in my Body Revolution workouts?

Well… It definitely has! My original goal was to wake up at 6 every morning to get them done, and that’s only happened once this week, but I think the real point is that I get the workouts done on schedule.

Last night I ran 2.5mi for my training group (while watching MTV’s Awkward. which is the silliest thing going), and when I got off the treadmill I was all “Jillian’s gonna have to get pushed back a day.” That’s where having a rockstar roommate comes in. Alex was giving me the, “I’m about to be rull disappointed in you” face, so I did my workout.

Jillian’s workouts are GREAT. Very fast paced, high intensity, and not too long! So far (I’m almost done with Week 1) I’ve lost 1 pound and I feel nice and sore, which is a good sign.

I’m also holding myself accountable with this little fitness chart I made.

Each day has a spot for me to check off if I’ve done strength, cardio, and if I’ve eaten as healthfully as possible. What’s that they say about everything you need to know you learned in kindergarten? Does that apply to rewards charts?

This morning I had wheat waffles with banana and PB2 and a big cup o’ coffee.

Can you see what the rabbits are doing on this mug?

This suggestive mug was a gift from Alex’s parents.

It’s almost the WeEeEeEeEkKkKeEeEnNnNnNdDdD!!!!

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2 Responses to A Little Update On Body Revolution

  1. Millie says:

    You could have at least mentioned that one kid in the room who was helping you with technique. You know, the one who was laughing at you for moral support?

    • I’m sorry, you’re so right Millie. I meant to include you when I was talking about fitness support. You and Alex, the only people that were over last night that were supporting me. 😉

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