Thanks to the Powers That Be

Today I started out with a HARDCORE case of the Mondays, but thanks to some mystical powers from above, it turned out to be a great start to the week.

Something happened this morning and apparently I turned off all my alarms and slept right through my morning routine until Alex came in at 9:06 and woke me up for work.

Already 6 minutes late, I threw on a dress, brushed my teeth, thanked the Hair Gods that my hair was neat enough that I didn’t need to shower, and got to work by 9:30.

But not before grabbing a box of cereal!

While I did remember a box of cereal, I didn’t remember my camera. So I thanked the Technology Gods for my new smart phone (thanks also to you, mama!) and took photos of my measly breakfast with my camera app.

It was a busy busy day at work, so luckily I didn’t spend too much time missing my usual banana/cereal/yogurt/peanut butter combo.

Because I was late I didn’t want to take my whole lunch break and head home, so I thanked the Convenience Gods that Belair (my favorite gas station slash sandwich shop) is right down the road from my office, and I got myself the most delicious sandwich ever.

Meet The Ivy. Lots of veggies, avocado, herbed mayo, all on french bread. Nom dot com. Clearly from the Sandwich Gods.

So it was a bit of a frazzled day. But imagine my happiness when Alex told me that instead of having to cook dinner, our good friend Sam was coming over to cook a Mexican feast for us! Praise be to the Friendship Gods! (Especially the ones that give me friends that are great cooks!)

Dinner was SO delicious.

And for dessert, Winnie brought some microwavable monkey bread and neapolitan ice cream that really scratched the sweet tooth itch.

Good friends, good conversations, great day.

Funny how things can turn around. 🙂

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