Same Old, Same Old

Wasn’t it Helen Keller who said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”?

To that I say: Blah blah blah.

Look, I like to go on adventures as much as the next 22 year old ENFP. But I get my balance and stability (which you guys know I need or else I’m a big ol’ mess) from simple routines in my every day life. Some of my routines and habits are smaller than others. For example, Aaron pointed out that I am a huge fan of parenthetical asides. I didn’t even know this about myself, but it’s just a habit I got into that I guess makes me feel more connected to my writing voice. (Also, I wonder if people with ADD are more prone to asides than others.) (Also, that was an example of me using a parenthetical aside.)

The routines we establish for ourselves help keep us tethered to the ground. They help us stay anchored in a world full of abstractions. They can also really help maintain a healthy lifestyle. That’s why it’s so important to keep little kids on routines! (I think.)

Here are some of the routines that I’ve established since I got here:

1. Millie sleeps nestled up to me all night, but when my alarm goes off in the morning, she immediately hops out of bed and waits for me to let her into Alex’s room. The two of them sleep in together. Little lady’s a late sleeper.



2. I eat practically the same thing for breakfast every day. As I’m sure you’ve realized, my favorite breakfast is yogurt with some kind of nut butter, banana, and something crunchy (and the occasional blackberry).

3. The biggest routine I have in is going to work, duh. I spend all day at my little desk processing work orders, sending e-mails, and talking on the phone. In college I had some issues with not wanting to attend class at odd times throughout the day. But instead of hating my 9-5, the regular schedule has become part of the rhythm of my life.

4. My friends and I have a weekly routine of going to Baja Bean on the Corner every Wednesday night for $5 tacos and $3 pitchers. We love Jessie, the girl that waits on us every Wednesday, and we all look forward to sitting around and catching up on our weeks on the patio. It’s also so nice to have something social to look forward to on Hump Day when it’s easiest to feel burned out. I highly suggest a weekly happy hour date with your friends if you get restless during the work week.

5. On Thursday nights, Annie, Aaron, Alex and I all watch So You Think You Can Dance. Our favorite thing to do is make fun of Nigel and talk about how great Cat Deely’s legs are. Last night we tried to watch but our internet was being spotty and we had to postpone the second half until tonight. 😦 You can probably expect little write ups in future blog posts, as I received a request for recaps from my friend (and Alex’s sister) Ashlee. But I will say–and sorry if you’re not a SYTYCD watcher–NAPPYTABS IS PREGNANT! Coolest. Future. Baby. Ever.

Do you rely on routines to keep you sane like I do? Here’s something I routinely look forward to: THE WEEKEND!

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2 Responses to Same Old, Same Old

  1. somethingbeany says:

    I miss you, I want to be part of your routine! (Does it mean more if it’s in a parenthetical aside? I MISS YOU!)

  2. Ashlee says:

    My first blog mention-wooohooooo!! And I hope you weren’t tooooooo upset about my Nappytabs spoiler 🙂

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