Take a Walk*

*The title of this post is brought to you by my current summer jam. Thanks, Passion Pit.

Since I’ve moved to Charlottesville, I’ve been pretty much maintained the workout intensity/frequency that I established over the past school year. Usually that means 2-4 runs a week, a power walk or two, and at least 2 strength training sessions (more these days, thanks to Jillian).

But you know what I’m not getting nearly as much of? Regular old everyday movement. When I was in school, lots of physical movement was a hazard of the occupation– walking to class, walking around the library, walking to lunch, etc. Desk jobs render you almost totally sedentary throughout the day, so no matter what, I’m burning fewer calories now than I was during school simply because I’m moving less.

What’s a girl to do about all that stored up energy when she spends all day at a desk, staring at the communal candy bowl, and trying to turn down ice cream offered up by co-workers?

Don’t even look at me, bowl of candy with Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate With Almonds.

The solution is to walk to work.

I’ve been thinking about walking to work for a couple weeks now. There are endless benefits to trekking if you’re able to: You save money on gas, you reduce your carbon foot print, you get in some serious exercise, and you get to have a few minutes of peace and quiet before hitting the grind.

But still, there have been a few things that were giving me hesitation about walking to work:

  1. Millie. It’s really important to me that Millie not spend all day cooped up in her crate, and driving to work meant that I could drive home at lunch and let her out.
  2. The heat. It’s been in the high 90s for weeks now, and I didn’t want to show up to work all nasty and sweaty.
  3. The distance. It’s a little less than 2 miles to get to work, and I was nervous about the amount of time that it would take me… and thus how much earlier I would have to wake up.

How I eased that hesitation:

  1. Alex has a few days off so he can study for an upcoming exam, and after that he’s going to be working half days pretty regularly. Luckily, he’s totally okay with bringing Millie out for a few walks during the day. (Have I mentioned that I love living with Alex?)
  2. I decided to pack my work clothes and get cleaned up and changed when I get to work. And I don’t care if I’m sweaty when I get home.
  3. Annie and I walked to my workplace and back on Saturday, so I know that it takes almost exactly 30 minutes to get there by foot… enough time to listen to a podcast or book on tape in the mornings. 

Bag ‘o Stuff I brought to work today: shoes, iPod, Garmin, walking clothes, and my GRE prep book in case I got any down time at work.

Before (in my work clothes) and after (ready to walk!).

So it seems as if the stars have aligned. And now that they have… I am committing to walking to work every day that I can for the next month. (This is an example of me publicly committing to something to hold myself accountable, per Sam’s advice.)

I walked home this afternoon (Alex drove me to work this morning) and it was an easy breezy 30 minutes. Sure it was hot, but I cooled down as soon as I got home and it was a really nice way to wind down after a long day.
If your work place is 2 miles or less away, take the plunge with me! Woohoo walking!
Sidenote: Last night marked the beginning of Body Revolution Week 3. It. Was. Rough. But more on that later… 
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5 Responses to Take a Walk*

  1. Love this. I have wanted to walk to work for a long time. I have multiple destinations though that are longer than two miles, and I need to be readily available for my tribe at home…but I need to ponder this more. I REALLY think MORE movement is key to it all. Thanks for sharing and KEEP IT UP!!!!

  2. Sara says:

    It’s funny that you have started walking to work this week because I just started biking to work! I definitely believe that walking/some sort of movement in the morning before a long day at work is key to a better day!

  3. Melinda says:

    I have walk everywhere in Germany, its kind of refreshing compared to how much I used to drive in the US. Have you considered a bike? It could help if you are running late, though personally it scares me to death to bike next to cars. Good luck coping with the heat!

    • Hey Melinda! Actually, I’m really afraid of bikes, too. I constantly feel like I’m going to fall off a bike. Thanks for the luck…the heat is brutal. Hope your summer is going well!

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