Five Happy Things

1. My coworkers were all in LOVELY moods today, and were saying the sweetest things. Bobby gave us a nice little pep talk about carpe-ing the diem, and Manny said, “Every day’s a happy day! Bein’ sad don’t get ya shit!” (true dat, Manny).

And then when Al came in and saw my curly hair he said, “Well look at you! Your boyfriend must be coming in to town!” Which isn’t the case, but I get really self-conscious about letting my curls go and Al’s sweet words started my day off right.

Trying to embrace what the good lord gave me….

2. Good eats.

Mid-morning snack: Half of Pam’s apple and this AMAZING Greek yogurt granola bar that I got from Foods of All Nations.

My faaaavorite salad from Eppies, The Santa Monica (corn, dates, goat cheese, champagne vinaigrette), and a side of pumpkin bread.

Some super fresh watermelon that Bobby brought in for us, with a side of strong coffee.

3. New books.

I’m a book collector of the worst variety. I think books are a TOTALLY reasonable thing to spend money on, so if I get a whim to buy a book, I rarely resist it. This has resulted in two bookshelves full of books, about 25% of which I’ve actually read.

But whatever! This week I’ve gotten 5 new books.

4 of them were used, so they were very inexpensive, and all of them were purchased from independent book stores! I’m looking forward to diving into The Skinny Rules, even if I do wish that it was called The Healthy Rules. But hey, skinny sells. And from what I can tell so far, Bob Harper and I have similar food philosophies.

4. So You Think You Can Dance

I know it airs on Wednesday nights, but we don’t get a chance to watch it until Fridays when we finally get access to it online. Those few days are excruciating. But tonight I finally got my Nigel/Mary/Cat fix!

Another week of pretty underwhelming dances… But as long as Cyrus is still on the show, I’m a happy camper. My favorite dance from this week:

5. RVA.

We’re back at Alex’s house in Richmond for the weekend. Alex has an exam to take at a testing center in town, and I’m helping my baby brother move in to his new apartment.

Alex and I became friends right before my 17th birthday, and 5 years later, his home feels like my own. Throughout college when I would visit Richmond, I didn’t truly feel back until I was hanging out in his house.

Millie feels like she is on vacation.

I’m pretty close with his lovely sisters, too, which is such a blessing because I’ve ALWAYS wanted sisters. (Just ask my mom… I’m pretty sure when she told me she was pregnant with Corbett, she said, “Mommy’s having a boy!” and I said, “No, I want a girl.” I didn’t realize my opinion wasn’t a factor.). Ashlee is so wonderful to be around for a million different reasons, but one of my favorite things about her is that she’s also a health enthusiast! So nice to be around like minded people. Alex’s other sister, Skyler, doesn’t live in Richmond, but she’s coming to visit us next weekend!

Skyler, Ashlee, and me dominating the flip cup table at Ashlee’s engagement party in March.

Ashlee made us an AMAZING meal for dinner. She calls it “Coy Pasta” after her friends that came up with the recipe. It was delicious AND nutritious, so you can definitely expect a recipe write up later this weekend.

(Bonus Happy Thing: Long distance blog readers! Hi, KB’s friend Ryan from UNC!)

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3 Responses to Five Happy Things

  1. Calie says:

    So I was scouring The Fitnessista’s blog and she mentioned that a great way to meet fellow ‘health addicts’ was through Healthy Living Blogs and that’s how I found yours! I live in Waynesboro so close to Charlottesville but we just moved here a few months ago and I was wondering if you’ve found any fitness groups in that area?


    • Hi, Calie! Welcome to Virginia!

      As far as Waynesboro goes, I don’t really know specifically about anything there (except for the drive through Starbucks and Sonic off the exit 🙂 ). BUT I do know that Staunton and Charlottesville have a lot of good resources if you’re willing to drive a little bit (Staunton’s about 10 minutes away, I think). If not, I would suggest looking on to see if there are any fitness-centered groups in your area, or even start your own! There are also a lot of great races around the Valley, and if you choose a bigger race I’m sure you could find a training group.

      I also think that joining a gym would be a great idea. When I was in college, I was a member of Gold’s gym and I enrolled in a 7 week goal-oriented training group. We were all really supportive of one another and we still keep in touch.

      Good luck!!

  2. Ryan Griffin says:

    Thanks for the shoutout! Kristen and I eagerly await every post!

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