Smelling the Roses

As a reformed type-B personality, I tend to err on the side of productivity and to-do lists being the best stress relievers. But sometimes my life feels like one big list of things to get done.

After a pep-talk from Ashlee about taking some pressure off myself and chilling out a little, I spent the rest of the weekend smelling the metaphorical roses in my life.

Here are some photos of things that have brought a smile to my face these past few days:

Millie: The world’s best little spoon.

Alex had some open hummus sitting on the center console in my car. Millie stepped in it, and then proceeded to eat her afternoon snack from between her toes.

I got a little reading done, planned some meals, and watched an episode of Pretty Little Liars on the back patio. The weather was SO nice on Sunday, and I finally got a chance to clean my porch off from the storm a couple weeks ago.


When I helped my brother move this weekend, we were going through storage and I found some more photos of my parents when they were younger. I don’t know why, but I love collecting old photos of my family. My mom looks so sweet and playful in those photos, and I love that picture of my handsome Daddy and my first dog, Rugby.

I also found a letter that my dad wrote to my mom when they were 21. It said, “Sorry I didn’t get this letter finished last night. I took a break to have a beer with my brother and it turned into 36 Buds. Not that drinking or anything is more important than you, but you know how that stuff happens…” Hahah! Ken the party boy. I don’t know anyone who could put away that many beers…

Coffee from my new French press… it really doesn’t taste too different than coffee from a pot, but I like the whole process. I also got a milk frother so I can have cafe au lait if the mood strikes. 🙂

Amazing Monday morning breakfast of scrambled egg whites with nutritional yeast, a sliced peach and strawberries (can you believe that’s only 3 strawberries?!), and a toasted Ezekiel English muffin with sugar free blackberry jam. Talk about starting the day off on the right foot.

Here’s to being present this week. 🙂

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