Christmas in July List

If I was still a camper at Camp Mont Shenandoah, today would mark Christmas In July Eve! Per tradition, we would be spending today finishing up our final craft projects for our Will Of The Wisps, which is just camp speak for Secret Santa. Tonight we would read The Velveteen Rabbit tonight, and then tomorrow we’d wake up to wacky flag raising and Christmas breakfast!

I’m feeling a little camp-sick today, so I figured I’d celebrate the most wonderful time of the year but getting a jump start and compiling a little wish list of the foodie/fitness junkie items I’ve been eyeing:

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair… A little something else I can do to help strengthen my core and improve my posture while I’m sitting at my desk.

Bosu Ball… I spent 7 weeks with a personal trainer at the end of my Spring semester and my trainer had me in LOVE with Bosu balls. You can work out every part of your body on one of these babies, and it’s unbelievably fun. They just seem a little on the expensive side for me…

Food processor… It’s not often that I feel like I can’t make due in my kitchen with the tools I have, but I feel myself missing a food processor all the time. I’d love to make my own sauces and nut butters, and my blender just doesn’t do the job that a processor could do. (Side note: That food processor costs less than the Bosu!!)

Chef’s knife… I have a whole bunch of relatively sharp miscellaneous knives, but I would LOVE one very sharp all-purpose knife. This Wusthof knife is the cream of the crop. My foodie dad has a whole block of these knives and I swear when I’m home for holidays I just look for things to cut up so I can use it. It cuts through everything like buttah.

This Lululemon workout tank… Sweat wicking and doesn’t cling to your midsection. Too bad Lululemon products are WAAAAYYY out of my price range. But I just found out that we have a Lululemon on the Downtown Mall, so maybe I can scout for sales?!

They Draw and Cook This cook book full of beautiful recipes and illustrations is SOOOO my style.

These adorable tomato earrings… I’ve always loved tomatoes, and the woman that made these is a Charlottesville native!

A desk… Okay, not technically foodie/fitness related, but definitely related to my mental health. I thought that since I wasn’t in school any more, I wouldn’t mind not having a big desk to spread out on. I got little desk from Craigslist and repurposed it a few weeks ago, but I’m starting to think I need a big desk to spread out on. I have one that I LOVEEEEDDD in college, but I gave it away. 😦 The desk that I linked to is SO my style (even though the room in the photo is definitely NOT.)

And while we’ve strayed away from foodie/fitness themed items, let me add: A big round curling iron… So I can look like Serena Van Der Woodsen.

Also, I’m adding her legs to my wish list.

What’s on your wish list?

(Unless otherwise stated, the source of all the photos is linked in their description)

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3 Responses to Christmas in July List

  1. Claire says:

    I too, am always a little camp sick

  2. One of my favorite Hirtz quotes: “I can’t wait to get home and show you my shelf of nut butters!”

    I want more than anything for you to be able to make your own nut butters. MORE THAN ANYTHING.

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