For Your Listening Pleasure

One of the only commitments I’ve really been consistent about recently (more on consistency in a later post…) has been walking to work. I’m coming to really enjoy my peaceful 30 minute walks to and from the office, and the only times I’ve driven have been when I have errands to run or when it’s storming. (Which, that’s actually been about half the time since I made this walking resolution. So I really have only walked to work a handful of times. But I’m doing it!)

This is pre-sweaty grossness.

Sometimes I talk on the phone or catch up on a new CD that I’ve been meaning to listen to (hellooooo new Passion Pit!), but most of the time I listen to podcasts. I am a HUGE podcast enthusiast, and I listen to them constantly: when I’m driving, running, folding laundry… Sometimes it’s so much better than music because there’s a narrative to get lost in. I also love being able to learn from them (now that I’m not in school, I’m yearning for a little more education…funny how that happens), and I also love getting a little boost of motivation or inspiration when I need it.

If you’re not a podcast listener, definitely give them a try. I absolutely swear by them. Here are my favorites:

Radiolab is by far my favorite podcast. I don’t care how silly it sounds: Radiolab has changed the way I view the world around me. The show is generally scientific and philosophical, but it’s highly accessible to average folk like me. The way it’s edited makes it almost suspenseful. There’s an episode about shrimp with excellent vision that literally had me on the edge of my seat. It’s also really good to exercise to, because the stories are so juicy. It’s like a soap opera, but scientific. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Jad Abumrad’s voice is SO nice to listen to. I can’t recommend this enough.

Best episode to start with? I started with “The Good Show,” but my FAVORITE episode is “Guts.” Either would be excellent.

The Jillian Michaels Show is a great resource for fitness and health motivation. You all know how I love Jillian. This podcast was what started it all. I can guarantee that if you like Jillian, you’ll like this podcast. If you hate her, you’ll hate it. She’s very…herself…the entire time, but her advice is great and she’s actually very well spoken.

Best episode to start with? “When have you had enough of caring about what others think?” from June 16 is really good, I think. Although you get all the good JM gossip about the wife and new babies on “Jillian opens the door to allow us into her life” from May 26.

Third Coast Audio Festival is a little on the artier side, which I love. It’s a collection of some of the best radio stories and clips from around the world. There’s always a theme, and then they take different stories and different perspectives to elaborate on that theme. It’s wonderful, and a resource for different radio shows and podcasts.

Best episode to start with? I LOVED “The List Show,” but “The Body Image Show” has a weird story in it that I was talking about for weeks.

BackStory is an awesome show based out of Charlottesville and hosted by three UVA history professors. Just like Radiolab and Third Coast, the guys at BackStory pick a topic and then elaborate on it, but this time from a historical perspective. Each of the professors specialize in 20th, 19th, and 18th century history, respectively, so we get a little backstory from each of those centuries. It’s really educational and very well edited, and for me it’s a plus that I get to support some local artists.

Best episode to start with? I started with “Born in the USA” and I think that’s a really great introduction to the show, not to mention immensely fascinating.

I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for new podcasts to fall in love with, so if you have any to add to this list…send ’em my way!

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2 Responses to For Your Listening Pleasure

  1. daven2cm says:

    I lavvv Trail Runner Nation. Although I am waiting for JUST the right time to actually run 3 miles again, much less 100. the NPR TED Radio Hour is also awesome. Nerdist is sweet too. Hmm…the end!

  2. Millie says:

    Onuf ❤

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