That’s What’s Up

Man oh man, has it been crazy over here in Katieville.

Friday night was chock-full of reasons to celebrate: Opening ceremony of the Olympics, Alex’s sister Skyler came to visit, and it was Sam’s 20th birthday!

The general consensus on the opening ceremony was that it was When it was over, we put on the YouTube video of the one from 2008 and reminisced about the awesomeness that was the Chinese opening ceremony. So that was a bummer, but I almost didn’t even care because I was too busy being excited about hosting Sam’s birthday party at our apartment! There was cake and Beyonce and Patrón… what more could a lady want?

You might be wondering why there aren’t any pictures, when clearly such an occasion would call for more photos than you might actually want. Well, as Sam was blowing out his candles, I saw this little message on my camera:

That’s right. Lens error. Cue the tears.

So Saturday was spent in Best Buy, relaying my sob story to the kind fellas at Geek Squad. My beloved camera is away at the manufacturers right now, so until it gets back, let’s all be grateful that my new phone has a photo-taking capabilities.

As for the rest of the weekend?

I cleaned up the mess from Friday night…

So fresh and so clean. And so dark.

And I invented the best sandwich EVER…

Hummus, slices of Twin Oaks tofu, cucumbers, sun dried tomatoes. Nom.

And I watched the 2004 BBC movie Hawking (which I HIGHLY recommend) starring my favorite leading man, Benedict Cumberbatch….

And now I’m in Greenberry’s getting various to-dos crossed off my list while Alex studies watches the Olympics. He’s over there getting all sweaty and stressed out about Lochte and Phelps. USA! USA! USA!

There are a few changes to the blog coming your way in the next couple of weeks. In terms of content, you can expect more formal mind/body/soul centered posts during the week, and recipe/lifestyle posts on the weekends. Don’t wanna bog ya down with pictures of Millie alllllll the time. 🙂

So that’s what’s up over here. Hope your Sunday is as peaceful as mine has been!

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1 Response to That’s What’s Up

  1. millie says:

    We’ve been best friends forever darlin’

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