Stuck In My Head

You know how frustrating it is to get a song stuck in your head for longer than an hour or day? Has that ever happened to you? Last year, my old roommate Molly had “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” stuck in her head for MONTHS. I swear every time she walked into the room, she announced herself with “OOOOOO I wanna DANCE with somebody! I wanna feel the HEAT with somebody!”

Anyway, that’s never really happened to me. But I do get weird things stuck in my head, like, for instance, articles that I read. As a regular HuffPo/Atlantic/New Yorker/EW/NYMag/Time reader, it’s not unusual for me to stumble across an article that strikes me as particularly fascinating. But occasionally I’ll latch onto an article for one reason or another and the next thing I know, it’s four months later and I’ve rattled off quotes from whatever it was to everyone I’ve ever met.

So I thought I’d share a couple articles that have been in my head for the past…well, really long time.

1. What’s the Best TV Drama of the Past 25 Years?

Okay, so you guys know I love TV. And my friends know that I have this weird habit of ranking and comparing all the things I love. I have a very intense list of my favorite television shows in a very specific order, so when I saw this article I about died. First of all, I love The Vulture because it makes me feel smart for liking the entertainment industry and that never happens. Second of all, this article is basically a big to-watch list for me. I’ve already watched Six Feet Under, Friday Night Lights, and Lost in their entirety. I’ve seen snippets of almost all of the other shows, with serious effort put into watching Buffy, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men, and I actually watched the first episode of The Wire tonight. I would love to be able to make my own judgement call on those shows.

Are you passionate about any of the shows on that list?

2. S/He

This article from a sort-of-recent edition of New York Magazine is FASCINATING to me. I have a lot of friends with quite varied sexual orientations and I’ve taken enough women’s studies classes to have a good grasp on gender politics, but I’ve never been very educated about transgendered individuals. I found this highly educational, and also written from a really interesting angle.

Here’s a quote that’s really stuck with me, and that I’ve talked about on many occasions since I first read it:

“‘My recent observation,’ says Isaac’s mom, ‘is that when you’re in these progressive cultures it can be harder to see that your kid is trans because you’re so steeped in this epic of gender freedom. It’s fluid, it’s great, one thing one day, another thing the next. You start applying that as a fantasy of an ideal on top of someone who might really need to be helped in a very specific way, and you can end up doing harm. It’s not all about freedom.'”

Realllllly fascinating to someone like me who comes from a pretty solid “gender is a construction” stance.

3. Age Of Girlfriends

I’ve been really into HBO’s Girls this year for a number of reasons, but mostly because Lena Dunham’s characters are all pretty similar to me and my friends. And while I do recognize a LOT wrong with the show (contrary to what “Age of Girlfriends” says, I actually think that the show is highly relationship/boyfriend/woe-are-my-sex-problems heavy), I think that the way it portrays strong female friendships is realistic and revolutionary in the world of entertainment.

What do you all think? Do you watch Girls? Do you even think about it’s feminist or political implications?

Happy Monday!!

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