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Exciting News and Nagging To Dos

(Sorry about the rhyming….) I can give some more details in a couple weeks, but I’ve had an exciting and unexpected change of plans: I’m switching jobs! I wasn’t looking to change jobs at all because I really love where … Continue reading

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A Season In Alphabetical Review

Today is August 28, 2012, and for the first time in my memory I am not participating in the traditional mark of another summer gone. This morning, while my roommate was packing his backpack and looking at his schedule, I … Continue reading

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Off the Sauce

This time last year, I made a big proclamation, and I’m about to make the same one once again: I’m laying off alcohol. Indefinitely. 22-year-olds all over the world are caught up in happy hour culture. Head out after work, grab … Continue reading

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New Additions

This week has been sparse on blog posts because I’ve been busy celebrating the homecoming of one of my best friends….NATE!!!! I’ve had an amazing summer with all of my new friends, but there’s been a noticeable lack-of-Nate. He’s been, … Continue reading

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Katie Gets Real About Her Future

Last night I was fortunate enough to get some QT with two of my besties-for the-resties, Colleen and Molly. I met these extraordinary young women on an equally extraordinary study abroad trip to Ireland the summer before my junior year … Continue reading

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Borrowed Wisdom

You know how sometimes you go to someone for advice, and you pour your heart out to them only to have them respond, “Oh yeah, that sucks…”?  I even have several friends who will just straight up say, “I don’t … Continue reading

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Great Success*

(*said in the Borat accent) I spent a good portion of last night very afraid that GRE day was going to be a disaster. Remember all that hardcore playtime Millie Girl got yesterday? Well it appeared that somehow my outta … Continue reading

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Preparation, Migration

This morning I woke up rather late. 8:00! I have to be out the door by 8:40… and I needed a shower this morning. I think I spent too much time watching The Hills on Netflix. Woops. I prepared my breakfast and … Continue reading

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Healthy On the Cheap: My Favorite Tips

One of the main complaints about healthy living is that it’s too expensive. If you’re like me, keeping a tight budget is just as much a priority as keeping up a healthy lifestyle. I’ve had spending problems in the past, … Continue reading

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Old Friends

HEY EVERYONE! Guess what’s back! Man, have I missed my little camera. Out of the millions of reasons I started blogging, one of the main reasons was so I could have a creative outlet. My time at JMU was filled … Continue reading

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