You Are What You Eat

You know that saying… The girls from Skinny Bitch love to say that if you eat animals you’re eating pain and fear and blah blah blah. I don’t necessarily think THAT’S true, but I definitely can feel it in my body and mood when I’ve been treating myself poorly.

Yesterday I was feeling kinda sick. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say the morning at work was rough. Instead of doing what I REALLY wanted to do (call in sick, lay in bed with Pretty Little Liars, and snuggle with my puppy), I decided to stick out my day at work and treat myself as kindly as possible.

I had a green monster smoothie at lunch. If green monsters don’t revive you, I don’t know what will. Spinach, banana, yogurt, PB2, and chia seeds. A miracle in a blender.

Pardon the sketchy phone photo… I miss my cameraaaaaa 😦

I also planned a workout at our apartment gym, but the weather was SO nice, I couldn’t resist a run. Is anyone else craving fall weather so outdoor workouts are a little more bearable?

I swear as soon as I got Millie to wake up I was out the door for a blissful 3 miles!

Another reason I’m looking forward to cooler weather is so I can stop getting sweat in my eyes! Whenever I decide to not wear a baseball cap on runs, the sweat gets in my eyes and they burn the whole time. I guess I need a visor or something? I always think of this Regina Spektor song and the part that goes, “I’ve got a perfect body/but sometimes I forget/I’ve got a perfect body/’Cause my eyelashes catch my sweat.” I appreciate the sentiment–yay body positivity!!–, but my eyelashes do not catch my sweat, Regina.

Speaking of music… I also treated myself to the new CD by The Lumineers! I listened to it in its entirety on my run yesterday. Everyone knows/loves “Ho Hey,” but my favorites right now are definitely “Classy Girls” and “Slow It Down”.

And wouldn’t you know it, some real food, exercise, and new tunes livened me right up! I’m like a new woman this morning. 🙂

Before I leave you, here’s a gratuitously adorable photo of my dog loving Alex more than me.

Happy Thursday!

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2 Responses to You Are What You Eat

  1. Maybe instead of a baseball cap, you should start wearing giant, drag-queen scale false eyelashes on your run. Then maybe they’d catch your sweat and IMAGINE HOW FABULOUS YOU’D FEEL.

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