Apples and Oranges

I am constantly comparing myself. I don’t just compare myself when it comes to my health and fitness (although that’s a big part of it), but a main way that I tend to gauge how I’m doing in life is by examining myself alongside my friends and family members.

This is an awful habit 98% of the time. I’m surrounded by the most incredible people. It’s so easy start with the self-bullying when I compare myself to the people I spend my time with.

One of the hazards of knowing such wonderful people, especially if you’re already prone to comparing yourself, is having really high bars set for success. I’m constantly thinking about who is happier/fitter/smarter/more interesting than I am, and then getting really down on myself for not fulfilling my potential. Like last night, for instance, Alex was trying to help me study for my GREs and he was getting really frustrated because I was struggling to grasp this one super basic math concept. Cue internal negative self talk: This is so easy for Alex. Why can’t I get this? I’m definitely not cut out for anything remotely challenging. You can see why it would be dangerous to let this line of reasoning get away from me.

I’m really struggling to break this habit, and to start recognizing my own personal worth independent of anyone else’s. BUT! Old habits die hard. So I’ve been trying to strategize my urge to compare myself.

First and foremost, it’s easy for me to gain perspective when I compare myself now to how I was a little over a year ago. In March of 2011, I was really heavy, really unhappy, and completely out of touch with myself.

Me at a concert in March 2011.

Now, I generally feel more in touch with myself, or at least more honest with myself. I really feel like I’m being Katie, and trying to not make apologies for the person I truly am.

May 2012

Another way I’m trying to use comparing to my advantage is by starting a little fitness challenge with my BFF Suze. We’ve created a little Google doc where we can log our workouts and create a little friendly competition. This is also going to be a good way for both of us to get workout ideas, and to be inspired to work out despite our similarly busy schedule.

Suzanne would want me to say that she hasn’t gotten a chance to hop on the doc and plan her workouts yet. 🙂

Do you all find that it’s hard to not compare yourself to your friends? Do you compare yourself more to celebrities or public figures? How do you deal with the pressure to be like other people?

Hope everyone’s got a good weekend planned! I’m really looking forward to my run with Casey tomorrow… although Casey is super duper fast and it’s going to be an exercise in self control to not compare my running ability to hers. 🙂


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1 Response to Apples and Oranges

  1. Ryan Blalock says:

    Great job, Honey! xoxo

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