While The Cat’s Away

Alex is in West Virginia with his family, so Millie and I had the house to ourselves last night and today, and it has been quite the girl party. I’m talking painted nails, face masks, and Magazine. The whole shebang.

It all started last night after a vigorous cleaning sesh and farewell dinner at Boylan Heights with Conor.

[Not pictured: Amazing vegan burger-in-a-bowl with goat cheese and caramelized onions, and a sad Katie bidding Conor adieu until the end of the summer].

Alex and I always grocery shop at Kroger cause of the great deals, but since I was shopping stag last night, I took a leisurely hour or so perusing the aisles of Whole Paycheck Foods. I love it in there. Grocery shopping does for me what Nordstrom does for other girls.

After unloading the groceries and stocking our new fruit basket…


…Millie and I curled up in bed to watch approximately 7 hours of Pretty Little Liars. Only like 3 more episodes until I’m all caught up and I can start watching in real time. Guys. This show is too good. To quote Lauren, “I’m definitely not getting smarter when I watch it, but I’m not getting dumber!” I’ll take it.

Also I’m totally obsessed with the girl on the far left. Must. Become. Spencer. Hastings.

Today started off with a cool-weather breakfast that I’ve been missing all summer: oatmeal! This morning’s version was PB&J style: PB2, sugar free blackberry jam, and sliced strawberries.

I lounged around on the couch with MDawg for a while, painting my nails and watching more PLL.

One of the best things about Mille: Squishy face from laying on the couch.

I finally got my act together and decided to try out my new workout top at the gym!

Sorr about the crazy eyes.

I wanted to get in some strength training at the gym, but the only other person there was a super chatty guy who wanted to sit right next to me. It was actually making me really uncomfortable (Does anyone else hate that? Don’t talk to me while I’m sweaty and trying to be in the zone, plz) so I went home, got in some strength, and started prep work for meals this week. I’ve never prepared meals in advance before, but I really enjoyed cooking this afternoon and I’ve got a lot of good stuff to look forward to this week.

Rullll good lentils to top my salads with this week!

Whole wheat pizza dough that I popped in the freezer to thaw later.

The rest of the afternoon was spent taking the GRE practice test. According to the test, I’m pretty solidly awesome when it comes to verbal. But math… different story.

Even though the girls over here in this little apartment are missing their boy, it’s been so peaceful and rejuvenating. I feel ready to conquer Monday!



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1 Response to While The Cat’s Away

  1. …I mean, I wouldn’t hate having Spencer Hastings in my life, but I wouldn’t trade anything for my Katie Hirtz.

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