Exciting News and Nagging To Dos

(Sorry about the rhyming….)

I can give some more details in a couple weeks, but I’ve had an exciting and unexpected change of plans: I’m switching jobs! I wasn’t looking to change jobs at all because I really love where I’ve been since May. But a little company that I met at the Charlottesville Job Fair all the way back in April contacted me recently and offered me a really great opportunity with them. I don’t want to say too much about it just yet, but it was necessary to mention the new job before I move on to what this post is about. ūüôā

When I got my current job, I had been out of school for 3 weeks. I had a dog with an ear infection (hello, vet bills), an expensive apartment that I hadn’t moved into yet, and I had a grocery bill that I hadn’t quite figured out. I was applying for any and everything, and when my boss called on a Sunday night to offer me the position, I told him I could start in two days.

Two. Days.

I was in Harrisonburg at the time, so I packed up my crap, hopped in the car with my dog, and spent a week at Nate’s apartment with five boys. I shared a bed with someone, I didn’t have much space in the fridge, and I was generally a big mess.¬†My schedule was a disaster and I started procrastinating everything that didn’t need to be taken care of immediately.¬†So now, 3 months after I first stepped foot into my new home, I still have a¬†massive¬†list of things that need to get done.

One of my idols, Gretchen Rubin, calls this a “Nagging To Do List.” Regular to do lists say things like “go to the grocery store,” “take out the trash,” and “call mom.” NTDLs are those bigger things you put off until it gets to the point where you HAVE to do it. Rubin recommends several strategies for getting things crossed off her NTDL: Do one thing a day, do a few things every weekend, or take one day a month to get it ALL crossed off.

I’m going to focus these next couple of weeks, the weeks where I’m still settled in at my current job and before I start getting all frazzled and focused and learning something new, on crossing off almost all the things on my NTDL. It’s gonna take some serious time and a little bit of money, but I think getting these big things crossed off my list will really help me feel more comfortable when I get started at my new office.

Here’s what my list looks like (I wrote this up this morning and I’ve already crossed a few things off!):


  • Touch up paint in bedroom
  • Clean off patio
  • Get new citronella candles for the patio
  • Spray paint bar chairs
  • Adjust and clean wall art
  • Get baskets to replace desk drawers in bedroom
  • Clean out bedroom closet
  • Clean out under bed
  • Clean out hall closet


  • Make an appointments with new doctors (general practitioner, dentist, etc)
  • Get new vitamins
  • Get a gym membership


  • Get new makeup
  • Get new fall shoes
  • Get a plane ticket/book room for Ashlee’s wedding next May
  • Birthday gifts/cards for upcoming birthdays
  • Get a day planner
  • Write and send letters to college friends
  • Donate some books
  • Clean out car
  • Finish painting of Millie that I started last week
  • Get vacuum fixed
  • Get car inspected¬†
  • Register for 10k in October
  • Get a lunchbox

I know that getting these things crossed off my list will really alleviate some stress and allow me to feel like I’m making a totally fresh start with the new job. Some things, like getting my car inspected and going to the dentist, are¬†way¬†overdue, so that’ll be good. Other things might not get done (like buying my ticket to Mexico for Ashlee’s wedding), but at least I have them written down so I remember to do it.

Can’t wait ’til it’s all done and I can get started on my next huge goal: creating and maintaining a work-week routine!

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