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How I Switched Jobs Without Becoming A Hot Mess

Two weeks ago, I left my wonderful little job as a leasing agent at an apartment complex to take a bit of a leap. I knew that I was going to be working for CustomInk about three weeks before I … Continue reading

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Excused Absence

Where I’ve Been (or, A ‘To Write’ List For This Weekend’s Posts): The ACAC. Yep! I finally got that membership. The CustomInk office getting my ass whooped during training for my new job. Hangin’ out with high school buddy, Travis. Hangin’ … Continue reading

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My Very Own Chili Recipe

Today was my last day at work! I’ve got some time off to get myself together, cross some things off that nagging to do list, and enjoy the most beautiful time of the year. Then I start up fresh at … Continue reading

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Some Things

Hey! I imagine that all people who blog feel this compulsory need to apologize (like I’m feeling now) when they haven’t posted in a while. But real talk: I would really owe an apology if I had been blogging daily about the … Continue reading

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Fit Puppy

When I first got my little Millie girl, her old mama told me she was not much of an outdoors dog. Well, her old mama was way wrong. I think she was under that impression simply because she never took … Continue reading

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Wherever the Wind Blows Me

Happy Labor Day! I’ve been waxing nostalgic about my college days recently, but today when all my friends are in class and I got to sleep in and play with my puppy, I’m happy to be a workin’ girl! Yesterday … Continue reading

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