Wherever the Wind Blows Me

Happy Labor Day! I’ve been waxing nostalgic about my college days recently, but today when all my friends are in class and I got to sleep in and play with my puppy, I’m happy to be a workin’ girl!

Yesterday was not my day. Long story short, I got a speeding ticket at 8:30 in the morning and it just set me up for a melancholy day. I spent several hours listening to Alexi Murdoch and burning candles. It was raining, too. #drama

Today was MUCH better and totally necessary. I spent the morning looking over this dreaded sheet of paper.

It could only get better from there, right?

I started prepping for dinner… lentils for veggie burgers! (Recipe to come tomorrow!)

And then Millie and I went on the longest walk all around the UVA grounds. It was such a great day- totally overcast and cool, but not a drop of rain all day!

Note to self: Mille + squirrel sighting = Embarrassing situation.

I dropped Millie off and headed to Starbucks for the first pumpkin spice latte of the season! Suzanne and I are what we like to call “season pushers.” We’re in love with all things fall, and even though there are many days of summer left, I’m happy to pretend it’s my favorite season with some pumpkin spice.

I drank it while reading my new book, Swamplandia! I’m loving this book. The main character, Ava, is awesome; Brave, independent little girls are my favorite type of character (a la Beasts of the Southern Wild).

When I got home, I laced up my running shoes and headed out for a few miles. While I definitely have a strict “always resist” list (two servings of dessert, anything covered in cheese, talking shit about people I don’t know), I also have a strict “never resist” list. I try to never resist the urge to be generous, give a compliment, and I especially never resist the urge to run. Even though I do like running, most of the time I have to force myself to get out there. So if the mood strikes, I try to take advantage of it.

Anyway, today I was just kind of going wherever the wind blew me. My favorite kind of day. 🙂

Tomorrow I start training my replacement at work…. That’s a little bit sad, so I’m super happy I had today to re-charge. Yay short week!





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  1. Shut up – the background of your computer.

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