Fit Puppy

When I first got my little Millie girl, her old mama told me she was not much of an outdoors dog. Well, her old mama was way wrong. I think she was under that impression simply because she never took Millie outside. When I got her, the pads of her paws didn’t have any calluses on them and her nails (claws?) were way too long to even be cut. ūüė¶ Poor Millie was too pampered for the great outdoors.

Millie’s first pic, all furry faced and outta shape! (Also: thank goodness that yucky ‘stache is gone, amirite?)

But the first few times I brought Millie outside to play, it was obvious that she loved being outside. She’s been known to run circles around empty fields just for the heck of it, and even though she’s an absolute mess on a leash, she’ll happily trot across miles of Charlottesvillian terrain by my side.

I’m really careful to remember, though, that dogs need to work up to fitness just like people do. Remember when she pulled her little belly muscles from playing to hard? Definitely don’t want that to happen again. So I’m trying to work her up to where she can run with me.

Just a blur.

Her training is two parts: 1. Endurance/muscle building, 2. Leash training. She just gets so excited, she runs all over the place and trips me and chokes herself with her leash.

So what’s on the top of my list for next pay day?

This retractable leash. These things are¬†way¬†expensive (in my opinion), but I hear they’re the best way to train your dog to jog with you.

I’m working on taking her for a couple ~2mi walks per week until she gets comfortable with it, at which point I’ll probably work up to .5mi jog/1.5mi walks. Then we’ll see where we go from there!

Today, Millie Girl and I covered a blissful 2.5 around UVA Grounds before it started to rain. Little lady was pooped.

The benefit of getting Millie in shape is twofold: I’ll have a running partner, and she won’t get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom!

Before I leave you, here’s a little link lovin’…

3 Tough Realizations To Help You Lose Weight (And Keep It Off!): Some great reminders about doing what it takes to get to where you want to be. (Related note? I’m alcohol-free for almost 2 weeks now! Woop woop!)

Happy almost hump day!

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