My Very Own Chili Recipe

Today was my last day at work! I’ve got some time off to get myself together, cross some things off that nagging to do list, and enjoy the most beautiful time of the year. Then I start up fresh at my new job at CustomInk!

I’m still trying to use up all those peppers Al brought me (they’re cayenne, I found out!), and today he brought in a whole new bag of tomatoes for me. So in honor of Al (and the cool weather), I thought I’d put those peppers to use and experiment with my mom’s chili recipe!

My mama used to make this amazing chili when I was younger. She was very health conscious, too, so I always knew that I was getting lots nutritious punch without a whole bunch of calories or fat.

I asked her for the original recipe, and then I had to make a whole bunch of my own twists on it. For starters, she made hers in the CrockPot and I don’t have one of those. Also, she said my brother and I didn’t like it too spicy when we were little, so I know she didn’t put the peppers in it like I did. So it’s not the same recipe I grew up eating, but I actually like making my own adjustments. One of my favorite inspirational authors, H. Jackson Brown Jr., says that everyone should have a signature chili recipe that they pull out every fall during football season. Consider this mine!


While I was waiting for the chili to cook down, I watched a whole bunch of Revenge (season 1 finale holy smokes) and Millie napped on my lap. We had a little photo shoot.


When it got closer to eatin’ time, I whipped up this (relatively) healthy cornbread recipe . I love love love cornbread, so it was nice to find a recipe that doesn’t involve, you know, lard.


Guys. Dinner was good. I put some pepper jack cheese on the chili, and had some cukes and homemade salsa for my veggie on the side.


Om nom nom.

Tonight’s after dinner entertainment is X-Factor!! So excited to see the inevitable perfect messiness that is Britney, Demi, and Simon Cowell all in the same room.

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  1. Ryan Blalock says:

    Looking good!!!

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