How I Switched Jobs Without Becoming A Hot Mess

Two weeks ago, I left my wonderful little job as a leasing agent at an apartment complex to take a bit of a leap. I knew that I was going to be working for CustomInk about three weeks before I started, so I knew that I had three weeks to avoid the whirlwind of stress and identity crises that come along with such a big transition.

We all know that when I graduated college and started work at my old job, I gained 10 pounds, struggled with energy, continually asked myself if I was doing the right thing to become who I want to be (I don’t even know who I want to be, so…), etc. I realllllllly wanted to avoid that for the second go-round.

SO! Like a Girl Scout, I prepared. (I’m not a Girl Scout, but preparedness is an excellent virtue no matter how one labels oneself).

Some people have file cabinet brains where everything is all organized and easily accessed (CoughAlexCough). I have a cloud brain where everything is foggy and constantly moving around and hiding. Something that really works for me when I’m trying to avoid crushing anxiety is putting my worries down in a concrete outline. When I got hired at CustomInk, the beginning of the outline looked like this:


  • Giving Millie enough attention
  • Having time and energy to exercise
  • Having time an energy to eat well
  • Feeling well rested
  • Not losing myself in my work

The first thing I did after acknowledging what was bothering me was step back from all non-necessary commitments. I’m still not drinking (woop woop sobriety!), so I didn’t have to worry about cutting back on late-night outings. I had an audition time set up to try out for a community theater production, but I backed out of my audition. And (obviously), I put my little ol’ blog on hold.

Sad? Well, kind of. But as my mom would say, it wasn’t a prison sentence! I just knew that I wouldn’t be able to juggle a busy social life, a community commitment, my blog, and all over my other mandatory  commitments while I was trying to adjust to this new job. Technically my schedule at my new job is the same, but it was really important for me to recognize that I would be using a lot of mental energy on learning and adapting. I figure I can start taking on other things when I master my tasks at work.

Anyway, after stepping back from some commitments, I channeled that inner Girl Scout again and started to prepare for everything I anticipated might stress me out. I got some new fall shoes; I did some re-arranging in my living room so things weren’t so cramped; I got Millie a little gate so she wouldn’t have to be in the kennel all day; I finally got a membership to the gym so I could attend high energy/low mental effort group exercise classes; I started going to bed around 10:30; I bought a lunch box so I could pack my lunch and I started planning for easily packable groceries.

Have all of these things worked out like I want them to? No way, Jose. But just having a plan has made all the difference.

These past two weeks have definitely been stressful, but I honestly think I’m in exactly the right place. My job is challenging and interesting. I’m using my brain, and my many co-workers are smart and creative. And the best part about it is I feel like I can really connect my personal values and goals to the values and goals of the company, and that helps me stay present in my work. I’ve also been loving the ACAC, and I’ve had a lot of support from my wonderful friends.

So that’s where I’ve been! Stressing out, tackling the stress, and working my butt off. For right now, the blog’s slowin’ down. Definitely not stopping (I love it over here!), but taking a chill pill, if you will. Because I’m me, I’ll never run out of things to talk about. But I’m gonna gain back a little mental energy before I start blogging daily again. 🙂

I’m off to snuggle with my main lady, Millie, eat some dinner, and watch my newest addiction, The Newsroom. This girl’s got an early morning, a long day of training, and an intense workout on the books for tomorrow.

Catch ya later!

*Sorry about the lack of photos… I just plugged in my camera and the only photos on it are two blurry pictures of my living room. But I promise you the only thing I could have taken pictures of this week have been the inside of my office and my apartment.

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1 Response to How I Switched Jobs Without Becoming A Hot Mess

  1. Ryan Blalock says:

    You are doing a remarkable job, my darling girl! I am so very proud of you! Your bravery is inspirational! Perhaps you should post the blurry living room pics…. they sound like a good illustration for this blog post! XOXOXO 🙂

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