Coming Out of My Cage, And I’ve Been Doing Just Fine

Spring arrived this weekend. I spent the weekend with Mark (my boyfriend, who was merely an acquaintance at the time of my last post), my college roommate and good friend Caitlin, my current roommate Alex, and my favorite pooch Millie. The weather is a comfortable 80 degrees today, there’s a breeze in the air, and I can feel everything that’s sweet about my favorite season of the year on the horizon.

Last fall, keeping up with the blog started to feel like too much for me to handle. It’s not a secret that I’m a girl who’s easily overwhelmed. So I stepped back for a little bit. But with the warm weather comes a renewed attitude and excitement for the things that I usually love: music, writing, cooking with my friends, Blue Moons with orange slices, late nights and early mornings.

I’ve been working a lot these days. Business is booming, which is awesome, but it does mean that I spend almost all of my daylight hours at a desk in a room with no windows.  Fluorescent light lifestyle for me. Previous to now, blogging was a way to hold me accountable to healthy living. But these days, I feel like I just need a creative outlet. A place to talk about how lucky I am, or to post recipes that I like, or to talk about things that make me anxious, or to just post pictures of Millie (which is the only reason anyone would ever read this blog anyway).


Being weird and embarrassing, as usual.

No scheduled posts for the blog this time around. Just posting about whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it.

Today, I feel like talking about running.

Mark and I ran an 8k this weekend.

Pre-Race Drowsy Smiles

Pre-Race Drowsy Smiles

I have been suffering from a lot of lower leg pain due to some bum shoes (which I didn’t figure out until a week before the race, of course), so my training has been off. I made a goal to finish in under an hour, and I finished in exactly 1:00:00. Not too shabby for being almost totally out of shape and running with crappy shoes.

I will say that there were several times during the race when I thought to myself “I hate this… I miss when running was fun for me.” I’ve been thinking a lot recently that maybe running isn’t really my thing any more. I’ve been in pain, I haven’t really had the energy to keep it up, and I don’t have a lot of friends that run at all.

But throughout the race, I kept hearing Mark’s voice in my head reminding me to focus on the good stuff about running. And then I found out that Mark and Caitlin both had AWESOME times, and that made me super jealous (naturally). On top of that, I ended up finding a new pair of shoes at the racing expo that fit like a dream.

They may look nerdy, but I love them. From

They may look nerdy, but I love them.

Later that day, I talked to Mark about running the Philly Half Marathon in November, and he enthusiastically agreed. And then Caitlin and I chatted for a couple hours about some strategies that she uses in training.

Just like that, I felt a renewed interest in running. It’s so strange how it all turned around in a day, but I feel so excited to get back to the shape I was in a year ago, or better.

With the help of Caitlin’s brain power, I decided to totally start from scratch. I’m notorious for thinking I can do 5 mile runs just because I have in the past. But this afternoon I went for a really short 2 mile run/walk with no time goals. From there, we’ll see how I progress.

I’m definitely not the same runner, or girl, that I was a year ago. But it’s only up from here.

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2 Responses to Coming Out of My Cage, And I’ve Been Doing Just Fine

  1. Matt Graham says:

    Katie you inspire me! Awesome blog… I hope you’re having an amazing spring

  2. Ryan Blalock says:

    I second Matt’s comment!! I have missed YOK so much!!! Thanks for sharing with us! XOXO

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